Crafty Corner — No-Sew Water Bottle Bracelet Tutorial

I’m going to be totally honest here. I love recycling, and I really love upcycling. Taking something old, used, and ordinary and turning it into something fabulous is just so much fun! One of my favorite things to upcycle is 12oz. water or soda bottles and make them into  super fun bracelets. It’s super easy, and doesn’t require any sewing. The really nice thing is that you can make this in your dorm with very little mess!

Start with any 12oz. bottle and take off its label. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut the top and bottom off the bottle, like this:


Trim up the edges and shorten the bottle into the size you want your bracelet to be:


Next, take a piece of fabric (you can find small pieces of fabric in most craft stores, or use a scrap from an old shirt, skirt, pillow, etc.) and trim it to roughly the same size as the cylinder, leaving a little extra cloth on the ends. Then take a hot glue gun and squeeze a line of glue onto the fabric.


Press the glue end of the fabric onto the water bottle and hold it there for a few seconds.


Do the same with the other end of the fabric, overlapping it with the already glued side.


Now you’re going to want to clean up the ends. With your glue gun, squeeze a line of glue all around the inside edge of the fabric and press it down to the inside of the plastic. It should look like this:


See? Nice and clean. Now you have successfully created a hip, fun, and completely original accessory. Have fun wearing it and showing it off to everyone!



Keep an Open Mind — Thrift Shopping Made Easy(ier)

Trends change so quickly today, and at this point, almost everything seems to be “in” in some circle of society. However, looking for super cute, affordable pieces of clothing to wear is pretty much impossible.

You’ve probably heard a million times that thrift stores are a great place to look for good deals on clothes. However, I’ve found that your generic thrift stores are full of mostly weird and oftentimes downright ugly clothes — pants suits from the 70s, awkward baggy skirts, mom jeans — stuff that no college student (or any person for that matter) in their right mind would ever wear to class, let alone out on the weekend.

This is why I have found that you really need to think outside the box when it comes to thrift shopping. If you’re looking for something exact and completely tailored to you, you are not going to find it. Recently I hit up the thrift store by my campus in hopes of finding a nice vintage-ish cocktail dress that with a little creativity, could be worn to my roommate’s birthday party. I had an ideal dress in mind, but the only dresses I could find at the store were ones designed 20 years ago at the very least. It was very disappointing.

However, I did stumble across a man’s sweater. It was warm, big, and so comfortable. Immediately, I pictured an outfit I could wear it with. So, I bought it (only three dollars!) and quickly threw together some more clothes at the dorm to make this:


Super cozy and comfy, but looks cool enough to wear to class.

So basically, the moral of this story is to not really look hard for anything at a thrift store, and just keep your eyes and mind open to possibilities. With a little creativity and some well placed accessories, you can turn anything dorky (like a man’s sweater) into a fun outfit this winter!